Diane F. Ramos Untitled (Towel Topper) Fabric, Yarn, Grandmother's Dusting Powder, Drawer Handle, Pearl
Fabric, Yarn, Grandmother's Dusting Powder, Drawer Handle, Pearl
25 x 7 inches

This piece utilizes a traditional Midwestern item—the towel topper—in reference to my attempt to maintain a connection to my grandmother, who is suffering with dementia. The towel topper is a crocheted top attached to a kitchen towel, which allows it to have a stationary position within the kitchen—usually hanging on a drawer or oven handle. These items were always present within my and my grandmother’s houses, most of which having been crocheted by my grandmother. The towel topper is attached to a black veil, which has obvious connotation of mourning in reference to the sadness I have experienced witnessing my grandmother’s lengthy decline. I then covered my face with my grandmother’s scented dusting powder and made an impression on the veil. This is an attempt to sustain a connection to my grandmother by covering my face in her scent. However the impression is transparent and ghostlike, indicating that the connection is fading as my grandmother’s disease progresses.
Untitled (Towel Topper)
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