Diane F. Ramos Untitled (Babushkas) Starched Cheesecloth, Straight Pins
Untitled (Babushkas)
Starched Cheesecloth, Straight Pins
Approximately 32 x 32 inches

This piece is influenced by the practice of starching and pinning doilies, which is used to preserve their shape. This practice is another customary domestic technique that was taught to me by my grandmother. The piece is comprised of cheesecloth that was tied and starched in a manner that references the “Babushkas,” or handkerchiefs my grandmother traditionally wore to cover her head. In witnessing my grandmother’s decline into dementia, it has become evident that although she is still physically present, she is no longer the person I once knew—she is a shell of her former self. The “Babushkas” in this piece allude to a human presence that is no longer there, and leave only faint, ghostlike remnants, comparable to the transformation my grandmother has undergone as a result of her disease.
Untitled (Babushkas)
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